1954 Dodge Job-Rated Pickup

Categories: For Sale
Price Tag: $20,000
Year/Make/Model: 1954 Dodge Job-Rated Pickup


::: 1954 Dodge Pickup :::

Auction is for 1954 Dodge Pickup with Chevy S10 Chassis / Drivetrain.

Truck runs great, perfect weekend cruiser!

The body sits on a modern frame and has the 4.3L V6 and 4-Speed Automatic Transmission out of the S10.

Interior has been completely refinished and looks gorgeous. AC has been installed and blows cold!!

Truck sits on 20″ Mob Steel wheels that were left unfinished so they could patina to complete the ‘Rusty’ look.

Take a look at the pictures below and let the car speak for itself.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all!

 photo IMG_7372_zpsrkn8v8hd.jpg  photo IMG_7374_zps7qs6v6iz.jpg  photo IMG_7383_zpsdu2subz5.jpg  photo IMG_7385_zpswrisuv46.jpg  photo IMG_7387_zpsw83amacv.jpg  photo IMG_7388_zpsdufzozn4.jpg  photo IMG_7389_zpsdlcnua3u.jpg  photo IMG_7394_zpshkqggf3g.jpg  photo IMG_7399_zpsyqrydkcd.jpg  photo IMG_7402_zpshwlynk3u.jpg  photo IMG_7406_zpszu0opn95.jpg  photo IMG_7411_zpskyodj5zj.jpg  photo IMG_7414_zpsxcq0gxy1.jpg  photo IMG_7418_zpsoq7lxgoq.jpg  photo IMG_7420_zpsvorin9c8.jpg  photo IMG_7426_zpsvcut7txl.jpg  photo IMG_7431_zpsypo4suzt.jpg  photo IMG_7435_zpsngzmbddf.jpg  photo IMG_7437_zps8yhqoemm.jpg  photo IMG_7440_zpstfvn1mhi.jpg  photo IMG_7443_zpsuqzjuneq.jpg  photo IMG_7448_zpsagepl28m.jpg  photo IMG_7457_zpstj8io6cu.jpg  photo IMG_7460_zps8h8zuqlt.jpg  photo IMG_7464_zpsnsrqbuab.jpg  photo IMG_7467_zpsmhs2yknf.jpg  photo IMG_7469_zpshmvdwd8a.jpg  photo IMG_7477_zpsqqy5m0tt.jpg  photo IMG_7479_zpsosxto4l8.jpg  photo IMG_7483_zpsonfjdu52.jpg  photo IMG_7484_zpsm7hncrne.jpg  photo IMG_7489_zpsn3regwwn.jpg  photo IMG_7490_zpsscqffo16.jpg  photo IMG_7494_zpsnco8tmb8.jpg