At any rate, the guys from Wheels Boutique took to the Festival of Speed Miami with a convoy of super cars fitted with the finest wheels in the American aftermarket scene right now. Those colorful cars with sexy wheels parked against the light blue of the clear sky and the verdant hues of the palm trees created a sight to behold.

Among the cars featured by WB we have a couple of Ferrari F12s and an FF, quite a few McLaren 12Cs, Ford GT, Porsche 991, a fair few BMW M4s, a BMW i8 and an absolutely gorgeous Ferrari Dino. The wheels are supplied by ADV1 and HRE, with the latter making a point of showcasing their Vintage series, as seen on the white F12 and white M4 in the gallery below.

So let’s browse the pictures and try to figure out if those Brits need to loosen up a bit and make their festivals of speed more, well, fun.

by: Arman Barari