The Dodge Ram 2500 is a badass truck as is and once you’ve strapped yourself into the cockpit it’s very difficult to not feel the need to run over a couple of Prius’ and Volts. With some strategically planned purchases car crushing status can be attained. =) Our customer chose a proper ten inch Full Throttle suspension lift paired with a bronze finish set of ADV5 Truck Spec sized 24×12 and thirty seven inch Toyo Tires on all four corners to make this 2500 all the more menacing to those petrol sippers. To create a more aggressive and look and sound light bars that would put daylight to shame, chrome trim black out, spiked lug nuts, and diesel particulate filter delete by The Diesel Shop were all added to round out this bad ass Ram. Add it all up and you’ve turned a regular 2500 into a semi monster truck enabling you to squish hybrids that aren’t worthy to share our roads. Okay, that’s a tad drastic, but you get the picture!

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