2018 – 2019 BMW 440I (F32, F33, F36) – OPF/GPF Downpipe w Cat (SS)

Downpipe w Cat (SS)
The high-flow downpipe is constructed using high-quality stainless steel and, once fitted to the Evolution Line exhaust, it creates a complete system from the manifold to the tailpipes that will further enhance the performance figures: both the torque and power outputs. It incorporates a sporty catalytic converter. This optional downpipe produces an enhanced sound that delivers a pure racing emotion and fantastic feedback at high revs, without unwanted drone, making it suitable for everyday use.

When installing the Akrapovič downpipe, remapping the ECU is mandatory in order to prevent potential “check engine light” warning signals.

Downpipe is optional product to the following evolution systems:

BMW M140i with OPF/GPF: Slip-On Line (Titanium) + Evolution Link pipe (SS) – S-BM/T/5H + E-BM/SS/4

BMW 340i /440i with OPF/GPF: Slip-On Line (Titanium) + Evolution Link pipe (SS) – S-BM/T/6H + E-BM/SS/5