458 Italia F1 Titanium (2013 – 2015)

iPE Ferrari 458 titanium: lighter and louder
iPE Titanium makes you lighter and louder at the same time. Our titanium exhaust system consists of a cat-bypass pipe and our trademark Valvetronic muffler with tips and remote control module. We truly talk about exhaust weight saving here: total weight is only 10.12 kg. That is a weight reduction of 60.4% to the stock exhaust (15.88 kg less than stock exhaust with 26 kg). F1 sound at its finest together with an increased performance guarantees an unforgettable racing experience. The exhaust is designed with love for the smallest details.
Only our long experience and dedication make it possible to produce a state-of-the-art F1 exhaust by using just the right balance between modern machinery and precise craftsmanship. Reduced back pressure and maximum flow for both increased torque at low rpm and horsepower at high rpm are the reward for upgrading your Ferrari 458 Italia / Spider with iPE. The remote control makes it possible to switch between open, closed, and auto mode, by the push of a button. Being able to control the exhaust valves manually and automatically opens up whole new dimensions when it comes to fun behind the steering wheel.

All standard tips come with Chrome Silver tips. Other colors are value-added. Sand-blasting.

*Golden System are available only on “PREORDER”