GT-R R35(2008 – Current)

GT-R R35(2008 – Current)
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Part# 0NGR35-NVN9S-2

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One of the fastest supercars in the world comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. The nickname Godzilla already indicates its mightiness and power. When combining the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with our full exhaust system, Godzilla can finally scream in all its pride. And thanks to our Valvetronic technology, you can choose between an aggressive screaming and a quieter but distinctive roaring sound. In order to increase the already mighty performance of the GT-R, we have created a full exhaust system including a downpipe.
This optimized design and the performance-oriented system allow for weight reduction and delivers higher power especially at higher speed ranges. This amazing supercar definitely deserves a great sound, which the valve-controlled iPE Innotech exhaust system delivers: deep, loud, and aggressive, but without droning.

All standard tips come with chrome silver tips. Other colors are value-added.