What do the 991 Porsche 911 Turbo S and the F80 BMW M3 have in common? They are both German, both have twin turbos, and they are both owned by the same owner, but that’s is where the similarities stop. Although some consider it a “Supercar” the 911 Turbo S has proven to be a viable everyday high-performance drivers car that can take the abuse of daily thrashing.

The new F80 M3 is unique in that it has gone back to its roots with the potent 3.0l inline 6 twin turbo engine. The owner opted for awesome HRE P107 21″x9.5″ and 21″x12.5″ for the Turbo S and they were expertly finished in dark brushed clear for contrast against the gorgeous yellow paint. The M3 could not be left without it’s own pair of stunning HRE Wheels. This time the owner chose RS102Ms in 20″x9.5″ and 20″x11″ out back with HRE’s unique ilectric satin blue powdercoat. Both set-ups are using Pirelli PZero Nero rubber in the appropriate sizes.
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Wheel Specs 991 Turbo S
P107 21″x9.5″ & 21″x12.5″
Dark Brushed Clear

F80 M3
RS102M – 20″x9.5″ & 20″x11″
iLectric Blue

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